Dear community.

We are pleased to inform you that next August we will be migrating (SWAP) our CRES tokens to XCRE. This migration (SWAP) will be done exclusively from our control panel


July 4th, 2020

Dear users and followers, 

From Cresio’s Management Team ("Cresio”) we would like to inform the whole 
community of the current situation of the project and the news to come. Due to family problems,
the technical team has had to abandon the project, with the rest of the team continuing 
to work to make Cresio the best project possible. 

In this regard, since the beginning of the year, we have been in a long discussion of negotiations in the Cresio management team to try to move forward with the project we started in 2017. These negotiations have been carried out with different Exchanges and staff teams for their integration into the project. 

In this regard, Cresio has joined as a technology partner Minery Report, a company specializing in software development, blockchain development, and cybersecurity experts. On the other hand, Gonzalo García-Valdecasas has also joined our team to support the legal and business part of the project. 

Thanks to the incorporation of these people, from Cresio we can commit ourselves to establish more real terms to the evolution of the project, and soon we will present the following points:

 1) Update of our control panel to improve communication with users; 
 2) Update of our website with all the new features of the control panel and platform; 
 3) Update of our ERC20 token for the listing in Exchange; 
 4) Listing in Exchange and P2P exchange platforms of our token; 
 5) Deadlines for the launch of the multi-exchange platform. 

We continue to work very hard, as very positive changes are coming for Cresio and our community. 

Thank you for being part of our community and helping us with your support. 

Cresio's Management Team 

June 19th, 2020

Server Maintenance 

Our servers will be in maintenance from June 5th at 12:00h to June 6th at 20:00h. Sorry for the inconvenience.

June 4th 2020

Temporary website !!

While waiting for our new website, we have provisionally enabled it, in order to keep users informed with links to our social networks and access to the user management panel.

April 27th 2020

We have created a new coordination team for the bounty program and the Airdrops to try to speed up the review processes

Expansion of the team of developers. 

Entry of new shareholders to the Cresio Platform project.

April 20th 2020